We offer a broad range of services, including:
Brand Strategy is the roadmap you create to help guide your brand/product/service for the foreseeable future. A Brand Strategy is comprised of several key elements, all of which need to be clearly articulated in order to position yourself for success. Important elements of a brand strategy include:
BRAND POSITIONING: Where does your brand fit with your competitors and the greater consumer landscape?
BRAND PROMISE: What are you committed to and how do you want to create an emotional connection with your consumers?
BRAND DIFFERENTIATORS: What sets you apart from your competitors and why should your consumers care?
BRAND PERSONALITY: How will you speak to your consumers? Whether fun & flirty or intellectual & authoritarian, your Brand Personality helps consumers relate to you.
BRAND STORY: Where do you come from and where are you going? Articulating your story helps define what you do/make and how people should feel about your product or service.
Qualitative research allows us to answer questions regarding the emotional and rational meaning behind consumer thoughts and behaviors – why do they do the things they do. Being able to understand your consumers’ mindset is critical to establishing the emotional connections needed to drive brand growth. Qualitative research can take many forms, such as focus groups, ethnographies, one-on-ones, shop-alongs, and videographies. We work with you to customize research solutions that will best suit your research objectives.
Quantitative research provides us with the numerical data that helps us understand many facets of consumer behavior. From mobile surveys to tracking studies, we can advise you on the best research approaches that will give you the data you need, but more importantly, provide you with the analysis that will allow you to take action and make decisions based on that information.
Whether you’re starting with doodles on a napkin or have a product that's just a few months from launch, our research can provide you with the direction and confidence you need to move forward. At a macro level, we can provide big picture perspective for the consumer space your product will live in, and at the micro level, provide your Development teams with feedback on how to fine-tune your product and provide your Marketing teams with direction on how to position your product in order to maximize sales.
Many creative types hesitate to do ad testing, and rightly so, since this type of research often aims to find a “winner” amongst a host of ideas. That’s not our approach. We believe it is our responsibility to add value to the creative process, so when we do creative testing, we seek to understand three key elements:
1) How are consumers interpreting the concept? What do they believe the advertisers are trying to communicate with them?
2) What is their rational reaction to that message? Are they “buying” what you’re “selling”?
3) What is their emotional relationship to that message? Does it inspire a connection to your brand/product/service?
We can then look at how well each of those elements serves the overall objective of the campaign and potentially how to fine tune ideas so that they remain compelling and on strategy.
Once you have a good understanding of your target audience, establishing Consumer Panels can help keep your finger on the pulse of behavior. Consumer Panels can also allow you to test new ideas, products & services quickly and foster consumer engagement and brand advocacy.
Sometimes it’s more helpful to review research or data already in your archives in order to cull more information or to help you understand new questions. We can help you wade through the decks and the data tables to find your answers.

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