Our logo is an adaptation of the carving on the family plaque. According to legend, St. George served as a soldier in the Roman army in the latter part of the 3rd Century A.D.


In his travels, St. George happened upon the city of Silene, which had become enslaved by a poisonous dragon. The dragon required a daily human sacrifice, which was determined by lottery. George’s visit coincided with the selection of the King’s daughter as the intended sacrifice. George entered into battle with the dragon and emerged victorious. As an act of gratitude, the King and his people converted to Christianity.


Today, while we work without a sword and mighty steed, we feel a certain kinship with St. George. We take on the obstacles that beleaguer brands and help them convert customers. Unfortunately, our services don’t include dragon slaying. Yet.



The “Hampton” in Hampton & Sons is Heather Hampton, who brings her expertise as a Cultural Anthropologist and 20+ years in Advertising & Marketing to her leadership role. As for the “Sons”, that’s where our story really begins.


In the early 1960’s, Heather’s father (who happens to be named George), found a carved plaque in an antique shop in London that read “Hampton & Sons, London”. On the plaque was an image that depicted St. George slaying the dragon.


That plaque hung in the Hampton family home Heather’s entire life. The prominent placement in the kitchen encouraged the frequent retelling of a running joke about how George would never be able to leave his marketing legacy to his sons because he only had daughters.


With the Hampton & Sons Agency, we aim to honor this sentimental connection and to create a new legacy of which both Georges would be proud.

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