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Hampton & Sons is a marketing agency that specializes in Brand Strategy and Consumer Insights.
Brand Strategy is a fundamental element of all healthy brands. It is the foundation you build your brand upon. A clearly articulated strategy informs all aspects of your business, from advertising, marketing, and strategic partnerships to product development, to company culture. A strong Brand Strategy positions your business to optimize on opportunities for growth and success.

Powerful brand communications require a clear understanding of the consumer mindset. You need to know both HOW your consumers behave and WHY they do so. In our research, we go beyond data dumps and look for Active Insights – those insights that create unique, actionable strategies that will drive development and focus communications towards your target audience.

We work with companies of all sizes and stages – from well-established, international conglomerates with experienced marketing research departments, to tiny start-ups with no marketing staff and a technical team just learning the importance of consumer insights and research. We are always happy to answer your questions and we can help you create solutions that fit your budget and objectives.

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